The 3 Basic Principles of CBD Dosing

Before we talk about the process for finding your optimal dose, it’s important to understand the 3 basic principles of CBD dosing.

Rule #1: There is no “one-size-fits-all” when it comes to how much CBD you should take. Some users get their desired results from as little as 1 milligram of CBD daily, whereas others find that they need over 100 milligrams per day. Finding your personal “sweet spot” dosage will involve some experimentation and adjustments over time.

Rule #2: Getting the dosage right is critically important to achieving success with CBD. Its importance is often overlooked or understated. Taking too little or too much is the #1 mistake made by new users. Some of them just give up in frustration and declare that CBD doesn’t work for them. In reality, it may have worked if they had followed a process to find their optimal dose.

Rule #3: It is typically best to start low and gradually increase the dosage over time until you find your “sweet spot” where you experience the desired results. Less is often more when it comes to CBD dosing. Patience is also essential during the process. While some people get results immediately, many report not seeing results for weeks or even months.


The Importance of Finding Your Optimal Dose

Taking either too low of a dose or too high of a dose will not give you the best chance of success with CBD. If your dose is too small, you may not feel any effects at all. And if your dose is too high, you may experience undesirable results such as headaches, nausea or a general worsening of symptoms.

The bell curve graph below is a visual representation of dosage levels and expected benefits from CBD. The obvious goal is to find your optimal dose that gives you the highest benefits. The green vertical line expresses this point in the center of the graph.

Optimal Dosage for CBD Oil